Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

3.3.1683, 31.3.1638 (Saturday 3 March 1683)

document 70020660

March: 3. I walked before the house, my children. alarmed at London Mr Day ca[me] hastily down and found me at the gate. god gave me liberty for his holy word(,) my breath returns, the season very good: 6. my children came down. 7. Jon[athan] came with his bullocks: 12. Mr Day , Mary Bettie and my little Jane rode up to London. 15. 16. [I took] of Daffy Elixir, it wrought much with me. 17. I was taken ill at the priory . sneezing(,) all things present[ed them]selves double to me. I was lead home; none preached. 20. my children came from London, Gilber[t Smith] with them, my great and dangerous cough ceased. 27. 28. swelled down to my fundament. with a very [great pain] and so I am this 31: god be merciful until all his good towards me be accomplished.