Name Index - Joan Woodthorp (W709)

Appears in the text as:
Tuesday 21 October 1673Baptism register 1670 to 16797100844
Diary of Ralph Josselin70017305
Thursday 2 December 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017350
Sunday 17 May 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017560
Thursday 5 November 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017770
Saturday 28 November 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017790
Sunday 29 November 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017795
Sunday 1 January 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020335
Sunday 26 March 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020385
Sunday 9 July 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020455
Saturday 3 March 1683Diary of Ralph Josselin70020660