Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

30.9.1611 (Monday 30 September 1611)

document 37700503

10sat this court the lord granted and gave licence to Thos Pearetree to give and let to farm to Geof Potter his customary lands called Rushefields and Rushemeade from the feast of michaelmas in 1612 until the finish and end of 21years then next following and the full profits and fines saving meanwhile to the lord and his heirs of this manor all rents services and customs thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and that Thos gave to the lord his fine for such a licence as is shown in the margin provided however always that if the demise made between the said Thos and Geof for the premises by the strength of this licence does not stop and is not returned void at the end and finish of the first six years of the said term of 21years that then the said Thos Pearetree will agree with the lord for a further term of the said licence at the lords pleasure or the other said licence will cease and will be void