Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

30.3.1697 (Tuesday 30 March 1697)

document 40400835

at a court held here 28.3.1694 Jn Huske was admitted to him and his heirs to one cottage or tenement called Cocks with yard adjoining late by pales separated now in occupation of Thos Fuller held of the manor by annual rent 8d and other services and at that court Jn Huske was admitted to him and his heirs to one cottage with garden adjoining plus appurtenances situated in Holstreet in occupation Alex Woolaston held of manor paying annual rent 4d with services now at this court it appears to homage that said Jn Huske 14.7.1696 surrendered by rod into hand of the lord by hand Geo Toller gentleman instead of the bailiff in presence of Sam Finch and Rich Sillitoe two customary tenants etc all his premises with appurtenances and all his customary lands and tenements held of this manor by copy of court roll to sole use of such persons and heirs of Edw Abbutt gentleman as by any writing under his hand and seal before the next general court of said manor he should nominate and apportion and for default of such nominations and apportions to the use of said Edw Abbutt his heirs and assigns and that no limitation was made and said Edw Abbutt is present here in court and humbly petitions the lord to be admitted to the premises the lord by his steward granted seisin by the rod to have and to hold the premises with appurtenances etc fealty respited