Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

22.3.1699 (Wednesday 22 March 1699)

document 40500419

at a court held 22.4.1669 Mary Nicholls now wife of Simon Bayly was admitted to her and her heirs to one tenement and garden called Cloviers or otherwise now in occupation of said Simon Bayly and held of annual rent 6d with services now at this court it appears to homage that said Simon and Mary his wife 24.12.1698 Mary first by Geo Toller gentleman deputy steward of said manor deputising under hand and seal of Jn Eldred esq steward of manor 22.12.last being solely and secretly examined according to custom etc surrendered by rod etc all said premises with appurtenances and all her just right title interest and demand in the premises to use of said Mary for life and after her death to use of Dan Bayly son of Simon and heirs and assigns of said Dan forever under condition that Dan Bayly his executors or assigns pay or cause to be paid to Sarah Nicholls one of the daughters of Jn Nicholls brother of Mary 20li at eighteen years or at marriage but if she marries under age of twenty years interest with this for two years at rate 5li and to pay annually for his natural life to Jn Nicholls brother of Mary 20s in four equal parts viz feast of annunciation st john michaelmas and xmas and if said Dan does not pay or cause to be paid separate sums here named at the times and according to the form of this surrender that then Sarah Nicholls and Jn Nicholls shall be free if said Dan does not pay the sums according to tenor and effect of surrender to enter the surrendered tenements above and hold them receiving rents and profits of them to their own proper uses which sums accruing to them shall be to maintain them in recuperation and full satisfaction now said Dan Bayly appears etc lord by his steward granted delivery of seisin to have and to hold premises with appurtenances to said Mary for life and after her death to use of Dan Bayly his heirs and assigns under condition in said surrender mentioned fealty respited