Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

1.4.1706 (Monday 1 April 1706)

document 40800186

at a court held 20.4.1702 Eliz Addams was admitted to her and heirs to one croft land with barn called Olivers Croft lying in Earls Colne containing by estimation 2a2r now to this court came Wm Peartree and said Eliz now his wife said Eliz first by steward solely and secretly examined and consenting etc surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of steward the premises with appurtenances to use of Wm for life and after his death to Eliz for her life and after the death of the survivor of them to the use of Thos Christian Wheatly his heirs and assigns forever whereupon Wm Peartree and Eliz his wife present here in court humbly petition etc admitted premises fealty respited but the paying of fine of 6li imposed for admission of Thos Christian Wheatly was respited until death of Eliz and Wm