Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr83)

4.6.1717 (Tuesday 4 June 1717)

document 41200835

at a court held 8.4.1701 Wm Chapman and Grace his wife were admitted to them and heirs of Wm to one parcel of land called Spriggs Garden cottage adjoining a free messuage held then to late Wm Chapman called Scriveners and at a court held 16.3.1714 it appeared to homage that said Wm Chapman and Grace his wife 18.8.1713 came before the deputy steward and Grace first by deputy steward solely and secretly examined and consenting as the law is surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of deputy steward the premises with appurtenances to the sole and proper use of Jn Wilcocke of the city of London chirographer his heirs and assigns forever under condition that said Wm Chapman and Grace his wife or either of them or their heirs executors administrators or assigns should well and truly pay or cause to be paid to said Jn Wilcocke his executors administrators or assigns in the house of said Jn Wilcocke situate in Cheapside in city of London the full sum of 95li8s money of Great Britain in following way viz 54s part of it on or before 19.2.1714 then following and sum of 92li14s residue on or before 19.8.1714 without any deduction or diminishment according to the true intention provision or condition mentioned or contained in a certain indenture concession and surrender promulgated and made and given or pledged between said Wm Chapman and Grace his wife on one part and Jn Wilcocke on other part that then the surrender would be void and at last court appeared to homage that Wm Chapman after that court died seised and after to this court comes Jn Willcocke and informs the court that said sum 95li8s was not paid at the day for the paying of it nor any other day and the whole sum remained unpaid and thereupon humbly petitions etc admitted to premises etc giving lord fine etc