Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr83)

5.8.1717 (Monday 5 August 1717)

document 41201520

and immediately afterwards the court sitting comes the said Thos Keable Jn Hatch and Susan his wife and Rich Andrewes and Dan Bayley in their own persons and said Susan first by deputy steward solely and secretly examined and consenting as law is in open court before the jury surrender by rod into hand of the lord by hand of deputy steward said messuage or tenement called Goulds alias Gouldesgate and five parcels land containing by estimation 15a more or less with appurtenances held of the manor by copy of court roll which said premises Thos Keable recovered against Rich Andrewes in said form as above appears and also he and his heirs remit discharge and quitclaim all right title interest claim and demand and what privileges they have both by law or equity of and in the said premises with appurtenances or any part or parcel thereof use of Jn Hatch his heirs and assigns forever said Jn Hatch present here in court humbly petitions etc admitted to premises etc but he does not give fine for that he himself has paid above for the first admission etc he is admitted tenant in said form