Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

6.8.1734 (Tuesday 6 August 1734)

document 42100413

at this court homage present death of Eliz Cressener widow and relict of Jn Cressener late of Earls Colne deceased who held for life several lands and tenements held of manor by copy of court roll with remainder to Edw Cressener in fee which said Edw died some years ago and before his death to wit 20.2.1721 surrendered according to custom of manor all his copyhold lands and tenements to use of his last will in writing and by his will dated 6.4.1722 did give unto his daughter Eliz Clifford and her heirs forever all his lands tenements and estate as well free and copyhold whether in possession or reversion lying in Earls Colne except what he had hereinafter disposed of as in and by said will appears whereupon comes into court Eliz Clifford widow by Thos Sewell gentleman attorney on that behalf lawfully constituted etc admitted tenant according to tenor of will of her father to the copyhold messuages lands and tenements with appurtenances hereinafter mentioned that is to say to all that messuage or tenement with barn orchard garden and appurtenances belonging called Dynes and a piece of land called Spoutcroft adjoining containing 5a more or less held of manor by annual rent of 6s1h and also to a piece of pasture called Rushfield and one parcel meadow called Rushmeadow containing together 10a and held by annual rent of 13s4d and also 16a land more or less lying in a field next the dwelling house formerly of Jn Wren (sic) and afterwards of Geo Cressener gentleman of the one part and land of the lords called Rivetts Field of the other part and to two crofts formerly one croft containing 8a more or less lying in Lowfield under Chiffin next to a tanhouse formerly there from the conduit and to three crofts land called Broomfield or Broom Crofts held of the manor by annual rent of 1li6s7d and also to four parcels or crofts of land and pasture late parcel Lowfield containing by estimation 20a more or less held of the manor by rent of 13s4d etc