Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

14.4.1741 (Tuesday 14 April 1741)

document 42400409

at a court held for the Priory manor 9.5.1740 Jn Middleton was admitted on surrender of his mother there called Jane (Eliz Middleton ) by mistake to a tenement and yard formerly part of a tenement called Francis which said tenement and premises are held of the earldom manor by copy of court roll as appears by ancient rolls thereof now to rectify the said mistake comes into court Jn Middleton and craves to be admitted tenant to said tenement yard and appurtenances as son and heir of Eliz Middleton who was daughter of Jane Fuller one of the daughters and coheirs in tail of Wm Davey and his wife Jane deceased etc in tail general etc but paid no fine because etc and thereof admitted tenant