Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

14.4.1741 (Tuesday 14 April 1741)

document 42400661

also homage find that on 21.7.1740 Geo Angier a customary tenant of the manor surrendered into hand of lord and lady by rod by hands of Solomon Grimston gentleman deputy steward according to custom of manor all that messuage or tenement or dwelling house late in tenure of Thos Angier and of said Geo Angier with all the houses edifices buildings and appurtenances belonging or such part thereof held of the said manor by copy of court roll and also all that messuage or tenement and backside containing 20p more or less with appurtenances at Colneford Hill in tenure of Jos Pond and Solomon Hichcock and all those three tenements called the Swinestyes on Colneford Green and all other his copyhold lands and tenements held of the manor with their appurtenances to the use of Jn Morley younger of Colchester in Essex gentleman his heirs and assigns forever subject nevertheless to an equity of redemption on the payment of 7171li10s (sic should this be 71li10s) on the 2.1.1741 next ensuing therein mentioned being the same sum contained in the proviso contained in one indenture bearing even date made between said Geo Angier on the one part and said Jn Morley of other part