Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

11.6.1741 (Thursday 11 June 1741)

document 42400820

at this court it is testified by deputy steward and found by homage that on 19.5.last Jn Bell and Thomazin his wife late Thomazin Toller spinster customary tenants of the manor did come before the deputy steward said Thomazin being first solely and secretly examined by deputy steward as custom of manor is and surrendered by rod into hand of lords by hand of deputy steward according to custom of manor all and singular of their and either of their customary messuages lands and tenements whatever held of the manor with appurtenances to use of such person or persons for such estate or estates as Thomazin by her last will in writing under her hand and seal testified by two or more credible witnesses with or without the consent of her husband or by any other writing under her hand and seal purporting her last will testified as aforesaid shall declare limit or appoint and in default of such declaration limitation or appointment to use of Jn Bell for life and after his death to use of right heirs of Thomazin forever