Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr86)

8.1.1747 (Thursday 8 January 1747)

document 42700399

at this court it is found by homage that on 14.7.last Jn Morley esq a customary tenant of manor surrendered by rod into hands of lords by hands of Sam Carter gentleman in place of the bailiff and in presence of Wm Smith and Grace Hatch two other customary tenants of the manor etc all those customary lands with appurtenances called Bridgemans one head abutting on the lands called Stanleys and Newmans to east the other head abutting on lands called Swannells to south and abutting onto kings highway leading from Earls Colne to Colne Engain to west and upon the Great River there to north containing by estimation 13a more or less held of manor by copy of court roll annual rent 13s4d with all their appurtenances all of which said premises are now in the tenure or occupation of Jn Harrington or his assigns the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and profits thereof all the estate and estates right title interest property claim and demand whatever of him Jn Morley of and in the lands and premises or of or in any part or parcel thereof to the use of Jn Harrington of Earls Colne in Essex yeoman his heirs and assigns forever whereupon comes into court Jn Harrington and humbly etc admitted tenant to customary lands called Bridgemans with appurtenances etc annual rent 13s4d etc