Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

5.6.1403 (Tuesday 5 June 1403)

document 54300680

mercy 100s at this court it is presented by the testaments of Robt Segge Jn Atte Chambre Robt Mathew Jn Lavenham Jn Hyne Thos Smythe Jn Passemer Jn Leteman Rich Cope Robt Taylls Thos Kelet Jn Parle Rich Tyler and Simon Warde who say upon their oaths that Hen Kebbyl prior of the Priory of Colne blocked a certain common way called Holt Street leading from opposite the gates of the aforesaid Priory as far as the church porch of the village of Colne and with gates posts and iron fastenings the aforesaid way called Holt Street was enclosed and it is from time out of mind a common highway of the lord king and has been barred to everyone there to the harm and grave annoyance of the lady Matilda de Veer countess of Oxford the lady of that house therefore he himself in mercy and it is presented to make amends and take down the enclosure and aforesaid gates upon pain of what is due against the next and it is affirmed by Thos Smythe and Jn Atte Chambre sworn etc