Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

7.11.1402 (Tuesday 7 November 1402)

document 54301406

mercy 3d Jn Maldone in a complaint concerning Jn Rounsy in a plea of trespass namely that the said Jn Rounsy broke one door and took one lock to the value of 40d and carried it off at a loss to Jn Maldone himself of 12d and the aforesaid Jn Rounsy present in court defended and said that he took away no lock nor did damage to the same in which door he should have a share by tenure as he says of the house with the said Jn Maldone and it was not demised as of the heir of Alice his wife without a share in it and in this matter he seeks that there should be an enquiry by the jury and the said Jn Maldone similarly and then afterwards it was shown by the aforesaid jury that the said Jn Rounsy demised the tenement and did not hold it jointly therefore the said Jn Rounsy in mercy and it is prese nted to levy of the goods and chattels of Jn Rounsy himself to the use of the aforesaid Jn Maldone for the lock 3d and for the damage 1d against the next etc