Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

10.12.1405 (Saturday 10 December 1405)

document 54400933

mercy 2dRich Tyler present in court against Wm Onger in a plea of debt he says that on the sunday next after the feast of michaelmas.5Hen4 the aforesaid Wm agreed to pay off his debt by the pledge of Roger Debenham for 4s2d to be paid at the feast of easter next following at which day the aforesaid Wm did not pay the said 4s2d and denied he should pay it and thereof the aforesaid Rich brings a suit and the aforesaid Wm comes and says that he paid off the sum to the said Rich and does not owe him any money and he is prepared to prove this by jury (per patriam) and the aforesaid Rich says that the aforesaid Wm paid off his debt in the form as he alleges and that he owes to him the said 4s2d and concerning this he seeks and enquiry by the jury etc and the aforesaid Wm similarly and therefore a jury thereof being sworn elected and tried they say upon their oath that the aforesaid Wm paid off the debt to the aforesaid Rich by the aforesaid pledge of Roger etc and that he owes him the aforesaid 4s2d and they assess damages at half the sum and therefore it is judged that the aforesaid Rich should recover the aforesaid 4s2d with the aforesaid damages etc and the aforesaid Wm is in mercy