Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

10.12.1405 (Saturday 10 December 1405)

document 54400971

fine 40d to this court came Jn Turner# and surrendered into the hands of the lady by the hands of the bailiff in person two tenements of the same said manor one annual rent of 6s of the tenement called Littels to put up one window before corpus christi in the church of Colne to the use of Robt Segge Thos Prodeman Robt Kerton Roger Mordon Jn Hyne and Thos Smyth to hold to themselves and their heirs at the will of the lady by the rod according to the custom of the manor to whom seisin thereof is granted to hold to them and their heirs in the aforesaid form saving whatever rights etc and they gave to the lady for a fine for entry thereof as is shown in the margin etc and made fealty to the lady