Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

2.11.1406 (Tuesday 2 November 1406)

document 54500301

fine 8d the inquisition above mentioned presents that Adam Crudde and Margery his wife she herself solely examined by Wm Onger the lady's bailiff out of court surrendered into the hands of the lady for herself and her heirs forever by the hands of the said bailiff in the presence of Wm Bakere the lady's tenant and other of the lady's tenants testifying this according to the custom of the manor one tenement with garden and 20a of land more or less as lying with their appurtenances divided into two crofts of enclosed land called Cruddes to the use of Jn Stonewene junior Margery his wife and their heirs and assigns upon the following conditions namely that Jn himself and Margery should pay and deliver always a nnually at the feast of the nativity of st john baptist upon the said lands or any other place one hundred faggots from the edge of the wood and one quart of oats refined by winnowing to the said Adam and Margery during their lifetimes and the longer liver which same said faggots and grain should be carried to the said Adam and Margery from the place where it is granted to them always to their own dwelling house for their own consumption to whom the lady granted thereof seisin on the aforesaid conditions to have and to hold to the same said Jn and Margery his wife their heirs and assigns from the lady by the rod at the will of the lady according to the custom of the manor saving whatever rights and if it should happen that the said Jn and Margery do not pay the said faggots and oats as above specified in any year at the said feast in part or in whole for one year to Adam and Margery themselves that then the same said Adam and Margery his wife should certainly be allowed by licence of the lady into the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances by the right as in their previous estate and to keep for themselves not withstanding this same free surrender and seisin there of and the said Jn and Margery his wife gave to the lady for a fine for entry as shown in the margin and they made fealty to the lady etc