Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

13.12.1407 (Thursday 13 December 1407)

document 54600518

fine 6s8d to this court came Robt Mathew also Smith and Isabel his wife she herself solely examined in court by the steward and surrendered into the hands of the lady for herself and her heirs forever one cottage with garden adjoining called Smethes and one croft of land containing 3r of land as it lies enclosed called Turwes# and another croft of land enclosed called Berecroft to the use of Jn Awbry and Agnes his wife their heirs and assigns to whom the lady granted thereof seisin to hold to the same said Jn and Agnes their heirs and assigns from the lady by the rod at the will of the lady according to the custom of the manor by ancient payment and custom saving whatever rights upon the condition that if the said Jn and Agnes their heirs and assigns pay or cause to be paid to the said Robt and Isabel during their lifetimes and of the longer livers such goods victuals garments linen and wool by day and night both in sickness and in health as they need for their maintenance then this same surrendered and seisin should remain in full force otherwise the said Robt and Isabel should be allowed by the lady's licence to reenter into the said lands and tenement as in their former estate and keep it for themselves notwithstanding the aforesaid surrender and they gave for a fine as etc and made fealty to the lady