Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

17.11.1410 (Monday 17 November 1410)

document 54801381

fine against their impoverishment and lack of money item it is presented that Adam Smyth the day before his death surrendered into the hands of the bailiff one cottage with garden adjoining in Earls Colne to the use of Alice wife of the said Adam to whom the lady thereof granted seisin to hold to the same Alice for her lifetime from the lady at the will of the lady according to ancient services and customs according to the custom of the manor thus that after the decease of Alice herself the aforesaid cottage with garden should remain to Jn Clerk and Ralph Preston and they are to sell and dispose of the animals of the aforesaid Adam and Alice to hold to the aforesaid Jn and Ralph upon the aforesaid condition etc and the aforesaid Alice gave to the lady for fine for having such estate she is a pauper