Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

17.11.1410 (Monday 17 November 1410)

document 54801503

mercy 16d item it is presented that a bond tenement sometime of Robt Brayer is in a ruinous state through the default of Jn Passemer 1d etc and that a tenement of Rich Cook 2d lately of Adam Crudd a tenement of Thos Smyth called Smythes 3d a tenement called Adams 3d and a tenement Heyhows 3d are in a ruinous state etc therefore each of them in mercy etc a tenement of Firmin Shropham 2d called Breggemans and a tenement called Okemanes in the hands of Thos Bovyle 2d are in a ruinous condition etc therefore they themselves in mercy etc and notwithstanding it is presented that they should mend and repair all of the aforesaid tenements against the next court upon pain for each of them thereof defaulting of 6s8d