Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

2.6.1411 (Tuesday 2 June 1411)

document 54900440

item it is presented that Jn Bestwithe on the day of his death after the last court who held from the lady one croft of land containing 3a and on his death bed at Teye surrendered into the hands of Walt Davy to the use of Jn Parle and his heirs in the presence of Jn Baron Jn Bokelard and Wm Salle the aforesaid croft of land and because it was established by the court concerning the aforesaid entry that the aforesaid Jn Bokelard and Wm Salle are not tenants of this manor and thus are not fit persons according to the custom etc to prove the testament concerning the aforesaid surrender and thus the surrender is void and further it is said that nothing came to the lady from the possessions because no animals were held within the jurisdiction of the aforesaid court and it is said that he had two sons Wm and Jn but who is the elder we do not know therefore it is presented to seize into the hands of the lady to reply concerning the profits until the court should make decisions in these matters thereof