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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

24.12.1411 (Saturday 24 December 1411)

document 54901182

item that Thos Smyth holds a tenement of Jn Adam and a tenement Smethis in ruins and that Thos Bonyle holds a tenement Micheles and a tenement Okemans in ruins and that Jn Passemer holds a tenement called Gossethereve in ruins and that Thos Smyth holds his tenement called The Heyhowe in ruins and that a tenement Bregmans in the hands of the lady is in a ruinous state and that a tenement of Robt Stevens is in ruins and that Thos Hunte holds his tenement called Hichcokkes in ruins and that a tenement Borwys in the hands of Jn Hyne and Walt Freth in a ruinous state therefore it is presented to each of them to repair the aforesaid tenements upon pain for each of them of 20d against the next etc