Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

24.5.1412 (Tuesday 24 May 1412)

document 54901905

whereas at the last court it was presented to Thos Smyth that he should repair the tenement of Jn Adam and the tenement Smyths and a tenement called The Heyhow and Thos Bonyle (repair) a tenement Michels and a tenement Clemans and Jn Passemer (repair) a tenement Gosse the Reve and Thos Hunt (repair) tenement called Hichecokkes and Jn Hyne and Wm Frethe (repair) a tenement Borwys and Robt Stephen (repair) his tenement which were in ruins against this court for each of them upon pain of 20d and to this time they are not repaired in spite of the execution of the aforesaid penalty imposed by the court until the next and it is presented to the bailiff that he should warn all the aforesaid tenant of all their aforesaid tenements well and sufficiently to do the repairs against the next for each of them upon pain of 40d and to seize the aforesaid tenements into the hands of the lady