Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

22.12.1412 (Saturday 22 December 1412)

document 54902526

Jn Attepark was attached to reply to Thos Bonyle in a plea of detaining chattels pledged Robt Tayllor whereof the same said Thos complained of the same said Jn that he unjustly detained on bullock worth 3s for a space of one year because he says that on the day of the discovery of the holy cross 10.4.12Hen4 the same said Thos delivered to the same said Jn the aforesaid bullock to be given back to him after a certain time and the same said Jn although asked several times etc refused to give up the aforesaid bullock to the same said Thos but unjustly kept it whereof the same said Thos is harmed and has been damnified to the value of 40d and thereunto he brings his suit and the same said Jn in person replied etc and he says that he did not keep the aforesaid bullock as the same said Thos declared against him and concerning this he places himself upon the peace all the above mentioned jury elected tried and sworn say upon their oath that the same said Jn kept from the same said Thos the aforesaid bullock worth 3s to his damage of 20d therefore it is considered that the same said Thos should recover the aforesaid bullock or the price of the damage to him as assessed by the inquisition and it is presented to levy etc and the said Jn is in mercy etc