Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

22.12.1412 (Saturday 22 December 1412)

document 54902597

mercy 22d whereas further it was presented to Thos Smyth that he should repair his bond tenement late of Jn Adam 3d a tenement Smethis 3d and a tenement called The Heyhowe 3d to Thos Bonyl for (repair) a tenement called Michels and Okemans 3d Jn Passemer for (repair) a tenement called Gosse the Reve 2d Thos Hunte for (repair) a tenement called Hechecokks 2d Jn Hyn and Wm Freth for (repair) a tenement Borwys 2d Robt Stephen 2d for (repair) his tenement and Rich Abraham 2d for (repair) a tenement late of Adam Crudde which were in ruins upon pain for each of them of 20d which same said penalties were not exacted till this time nor any of the aforesaid parties amerced as in the roll of the last court aforesaid the timber was not prepared and now it is established by the inquisition that the aforesaid tenement are in a state or ruin till this time therefore they themselves in mercy and it is presented that they should make repair against the next etc upon pain for each of them 10s and the seizure of their tenements