Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

26.4.1414 (Thursday 26 April 1414)

document 55101031

fine 12d to this court came Wm Omund chaplain and remitted and relaxed and altogether for himself and his heirs forever quitclaimed all his right estate and claim that he has or would have in one messuage with curtilage lying in Colne sometime of Jn Bloweberne to Jn Soneld his heirs and assigns forever which he held in mortgage for certain money by the surrender of the said Jn Soneld as shown in a court here held on monday 17.11.12Hen4 thus let it be known that neither I the aforesaid Wm nor my heirs nor anyone holding under me should have any right or title nor should be able to sell in the future but from all rights and titles should be excluded forever and he gave to the lord for a fine and made fealty