Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

16.4.1415 (Tuesday 16 April 1415)

document 55200547

fine 40d# at this court Robt Kyrton and Thos Kelet surrendered into the hands of the lord one messuage sometime of Firmin Schropham to the use of Robt Sebryght and Ellen his wife and Robt Coupere and their heirs to whom the lord granted thereof seisin to the same said Robt Ellen and Robt and their heirs at the will of the lord by ancient services saving the rights etc upon this condition that the same said Robt Ellen and Robt or any of them or their heirs should pay or cause to be paid to the said Robt and Thos or their attorneys at michaelmas 26li8d until the 20li is paid in fifteen years and for non payment the said Robt and Thos to reenter by licence etc and upon this they gave to the lord for a fine as shown and made fealty