Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

4.10.1415 (Friday 4 October 1415)

document 55201285

petition discharge levy after this true court came Jn Turnor the lord's bailiff before Wm Ingham steward and placed himself before the lord as a petitioner in this instance that his bills concerning certain customs and expenses round the closes parks and other dues under the command of Wm himself made on that account on the part of Jn should be worthy of examination and also and also of writing down in the court rolls so that at his next account thereof it should be possible to credit the removal of his bills before the instant of the appearance of Jn himself by the aforesaid Wm unbinding his bills in the presence of Walt Bodelgate examiner and charging at the latest these sorts or customs and expenses amount to 28s11d whereof at the next account it should be credited and written that the aforesaid Jn Turnor the lord's bailiff receives for forty eight fines claimed by Wm Ingham and Walt Bodelgate at a price for each fine of 8d viz 32s thereof should be levied of the bailiff