Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

3.3.1418 (Thursday 3 March 1418)

document 55400594

a farm per annum of 9s the lady granted and let to farm to Rich Hosyere one croft of land out of a portion of the Hayhousegate and The Berle# and The Southeymarsch to hold to himself and his executors from michaelmas.last until the same said feast at the end of ten years next following and fully completed returning thereof per annum for the said croft 20d and for Le Berle# 16d and for Southeymarsch 6s the whole sum 9s at the feast of easter and michaelmas equally acquitting the lady against the lord king and others as far as concerns all duties for her portion within the said term arising sustaining the said house in roofing lathes and daub undertaken on his behalf sustaining the hedges and closes without waste and strip etc returning the same at the end of his term