Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

23.4.1418 (Saturday 23 April 1418)

document 55500028

complaint respited Clem Brewere complainant against Jn Hacheman present in a plea of debt presents as pledges Jn Tenant etc and whereof he complains and says that he should have given him 34s for land bought from him on behalf of the father of Jn himself on a day etc and in a year etc concerning which he himself was surety which same said sum is in arrears and detained to this time at damages of 6s8d which should have been paid on a day etc and in a year etc and the same said Jn present in court defended etc and by the agreement of himself and the other party it was postponed until the next because he is in arbitration with Jn Wryght and Jn Maldon in high and low