Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

28.5.1418 (Saturday 28 May 1418)

document 55600731

fine nill by the grace of the lady because of poverty whereas at a general court held at Earls Colne on the tuesday in the feast of st Lucy the virgin 9Hen4 Jn Langton surrendered into the hands of the lady for himself and his heirs forever one cottage with curtilage as it lies with its appurtenances next to Peersesmelle Lane on the west part and the lady seised thereof by her grace regranted the aforesaid cottage with curtilage to the aforesaid Jn and Emotta his wife to hold to himself and the heirs and assigns of the said Jn from the lady by the rod at the will of the lady etc saving whatever rights etc as fully shown in the same said etc now at this court it is shown by the whole homage that the aforesaid Jn Langton for divers felonys and misdeeds perpetrated by himself whereof before the justice of the peace of the lord king being indicted was exil ed and lives in foreign parts on the abovementioned occasion the lady by her steward seized the said cottage with curtilage at that same said court and concerning the profits the bailiff was presented to return etc saving the rights etc until etc afterwards at that same said court the lady considered on account of the great infirmity and distress of the said Emotta both coming from the poverty of the same and the gravest abuse granted the same said cottage with curtilage to Jn Wayte Jn Wryght and Jn Lyteman upon the condition that they sell it and with the monies thereof received to maintain the aforesaid Emotta wife of Jn Langton well and sufficiently in all things and to pay off her debts in so far as is possible in order of merit and they gave for a fine nothing because it was granted by the lady to the same said Emotta out of her special grace