Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

22.9.1418 (Thursday 22 September 1418)

document 55601206

allocations for the duties of bailiff and it is presented that the bailiff going round the lady's meadow called Hallemeed which he found needed enclosing for safety of the lady's grass and hay in the same this year for payment thereof by the same bailiff for divers men for their labour and hire 18d and it is presented that the same said bailiff paid a certain Thurkeld to mend and stop up with clay the lady's pond this year broken down 7d and payment by the same said bailiff to Wm Coldhagwe for roofing a room called Stywardshalle within the manor viz a great default thereof together with one man designated to the same and the purchase of one illegible text for the same 12d whereof the whole sum is 3s1d