Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr67)

30.5.1420 (Thursday 30 May 1420)

document 55700396

fine 3s4d at this court the lord granted to farm to Jn Turnor one field called Betingsland and one field called Bouersfield to have and to hold the said fields with appurtenances to the said Jn his heirs and assigns from the feast of michaelmas.next after the date of this court until the end and term of twenty years then next following fully to be complete and ended yielding therefore to the lord and his heirs and attorneys by year for Bettingsland 3s4d and the increase of new 8d and for Bowersfield 4s of the old farm and also it shall be well and lawful to the said Jn or his attorneys to shrudd lop and crop all the trees growing and belonging to the foresaid fields which were accustomed to be shrudd and cropped of ancient custom and to cut down all the underwood growing in the hays about the said fields during the term aforesaid