Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

3.11.1423 (Wednesday 3 November 1423)

document 56001050

apportionment of rent to this court came Thos Graunge and Thos Kelet and their cottages as apportioned at 1s annual rent arising from divers free tenements in Earls Colne with appurtenances which lately were had by gift and enfeoffment from Thos Hunt butcher according to letters and the effects of a certain document made between them and plainly shown whereof Robt Atte Park and Laetitia pay and return annually to the lord 16d for one capital messuage called Belles and lands with appurtenances which were bought from us according to the letters and effect of a certain document thereof made by us and it plainly appears and Thos Mordon son of Thos Mordon (part sewn onto the roll very indistinct) who pays and returns annually to the lord 4d for another messuage illegible text next to the said capital messuage of the said Robt Park and Laetitia his wife sometime of Agnes daughter of the said Thos illegible text 4d per annum for The Reycroft otherwise called the shop adjoining the messuage of the said Thos Mordon and illegible text as agreed by the gift and enfeofment made by the aforesaid parties illegible text