Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

10.6.1427 (Tuesday 10 June 1427)

document 56200775

fine 12d to this court came Jn Hyne of Earls Colne Jn Atte Park and Agnes who was the wife of Thos Hunt concerning certain of their holdings which by right should have a certain way to the parcels of Jn and Jn themselves and the lands of the said Agnes next to Colne river by a certain lane extending from Bourghstreet below a tenement called Bourghes as far as the said parks and lands which was of the said holding according to customary holdings by themselves and their ancestors from time out of mind as they say which same said lane the said tenant of Bourghes always was accustomed by right to repair and keep up as his property with adequate gate adjoining the street there both for the convenience of the said tenant of Bourghes and for the other tenants above mentioned which same said gate Jn Payne now tenant of the said tenement of Bourghes ought to repair or keep up according to his duty and he refuses and denies it therefore the aforesaid Jn Hyne Jn Atte Park and Agnes the said tenants ask for an inquisition by the homage in the lord's court whether the said Jn Payn ought by right to repair and keep up the said gate as his rightful duty or not and they gave to the lord for the fine for their inquisition upon the aforesaid articles and the presentment in the court roll and upon this an enquiry was taken ex officio by Jn Doreward the lord's steward by the scrutiny of the whole above mentioned chief pledge who say that Jn Payn ought by right to repair the gate upon the land called Bourghes by which Jn Hyne Jn Atte Park and Agnes Hunt and their other tenants ought to have the driving and herding of their animals by taking them backwards and forwards there without harm to their neighbours against the peace therefore it is presented to Jn Payn himself to carry out the same against the next upon pain and illegible text for leaving the aforesaid undone and he is amerced to the lord etc