Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

18.11.1427 (Tuesday 18 November 1427)

document 56300144

and they say that Roger Eston who had by a grant from the lord Rich late earl of Oxford for all his lifetime those lands and tenements called Jones Adam with appurtenances died after the last court after whose death nothing accrued to the lord from the holding because he had nothing on the day he died and they say that Jn Besouthe is his next heir to those lands and tenements sometime of Andrew Adam and then Jn Adam who present in court sought admittance to those lands and tenements and because it was established by the court that the aforesaid lord Rich de Veer before this time when those lands and tenements were granted to the said Roger Eston for his lifetime had them and held them in his own demesne taken up for what reasons it is not known at the present time whether for forfeiture of es cheat therefore it is presented to the bailiff to seize them into the hands of the lord and to return the profits thereof until there should be a better admission on behalf of the lord's council