Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

1429 (1429)

document 56500332

fine 2d new rent of 4d per annum at this court the lord by his steward granted to Thos Gernon one room called The Forge House as it lies between the king's highway leading from the church of the aforesaid Colne towards the pond of the said lord on one part and The Halleyard on the other part one head abutting upon the gate of the said manor of Colne and the other head upon the pindfold of the said lord to have and to hold the aforesaid room to the aforesaid Thos his heirs and assigns forever returning thereof annually to the lord or his attorney 4d annual rent per annum at the usual terms equally and he gave to the lord for a fine etc and the aforesaid Thos his heirs or his attorney to repair keep up and maintain the aforesaid room well and competently forever at his cost and he will have two groundsel oaks delivered by the precept of the steward to repair the aforesaid room first of all therefore it is presented to the bailiff that he should deliver the two groundsels to the aforesaid Thos or his attorney etc and he made fealty