Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56600680

Earls Colne inquisition heriot whereas at a court with (sic) here held on the tuesday in pentecost week 27.5.45Edw3 to that same court came Jn Aunger carpenter now Jn Baron of Coggehale(inserted) and showed when a deed was made according the form of the statute by which he purchased from Jn son of Walt Wrygth of Ferynge one plot of land called Goseweldyshamelet with garden adjoining and three crofts of arable land one with homage services wardship relief and escheat the holdings with heriot with all other appurtenances in whatsoever manner the said land and hamlet belonging and lying in the village of Earls Colne between the lands sometime of Jn Michel of one part and lands sometime of Robt Atte Hoope on the other part as in a certain deed enfeoffed thereof it is fully shown and contained to have and to hold to the aforesaid Jn Aunger and his heirs and assigns of the chief lord etc with the clauses warranted under the date at the aforesaid Colne on the sunday next after the feast of the finding of the sacred cross 4.5.45Edw3