Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56601116

Earls Colne Thos Mordon heriot heriot Hen Nicole whereas at a court here held on the friday next after the feast of st lucy the virgin 19.12.22Edw3 here there are divers clauses written which were made binding there signed with a cross upon the back of this roll etc Jn Squyer came and surrendered into the hands of the steward according to the custom of the manor now Thos Mordon (inserted) approved 3a of customary land lying at Sandhell to the use of Robt Copyn to whom freely was given seisin thereof to hold to himself and his heirs by the services and customs etc similarly it was shown by an inquisition that the same said Jn Squwyer held from the lord etc one cottage by heriot died after the last court who held on the day that he died one ox valued at 10s therefore it is presented to seize etc item master Nich Cook now Hen Nicole (inserted) who held from the lord one messuage and 3a2r of land by heriot held on the day of his sickness one ox valued at 9s which he separated off as credit in kind as provision for his heriot to the lord therefore it was shown thereof to the lord and his council and that the same said Nich had on the day that he died one sheep valued at 2s and upon this Agnes his wife found security by the pledges of Jn Atte Park and Jn Pake for restitution to the lord either of the said ox or the aforementioned sheep on account of the lord's council judging there was no heriot similarly all customary tenants had a day until the next to apportion the returns fairly of a tenement called Swoneslond because Jn Sexton was not charged for the greater rent which he owed for a parcel which he holds of the same said tenement etc