Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56800778

whereas at a court here held on the saturday next after the feast of st luke the evangelist 20.10.4Edw3 Jn Adam surrendered into the hands of the lord 2r of land in a field called Oldeknoll next to lands of the said Jn as shown by the metes and bounds and 2r of marsh thus enclosed lying next to Sandhill to the use of Jn Borlee and his to whom it was granted thereof seisin thereof etc and at the same said court Jn Borlee surrendered and quitclaimed all right and claim that he had in 1a2r of land sometime of Roger Foche lying in a field called Oldeknoll to the use of Jn Adams and his making to the lord per annum viz from michaelmas until gula augusti ten customary services and from the feast of gula augusti until the feast of michaelmas four customary services and 3d for fivers money payments for customary services values in the allowances of the customs services etc and it was presented to seize into the hands of the lord until etc and to return to the lord of the profits