Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56800862

Jn Adam whereas at a court with view here held on the tuesday in pentecost week 10.6.11Edw3 because it was presented to seize into the hands of the lord 3a of free land which Jn Adam the lord's bondsman held of the tenement of Seman Atte Slo and 2a of free land which the same said Jn purchased of the lady Olive de Berewyk and 2r of meadow which the same said Jn purchased of Jeff Kebyl by deed because the aforesaid lands were not assessed for the lord by the aforesaid Jn Adam and to that came said court came the aforesaid Jn and brought his deeds and received the aforesaid lands by the rod to hold to himself and his heirs at the will of the lord making the ancient services and gave to the lord for increase 1d per annum etc therefore it is presented to seize etc and to return to the lord etc