Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56801389

Earls Colne priory of Colne whereas at a court here held on the sunday next before the feast of the annunciation 21.3.44Hen3 Ralph of Brunston came and surrendered for himself and his heirs forever all the messuage and tenement which he himself had adjoining the Priory of Colne which was sometime one meadow to the use of Muriel of Goswold to have and to hold to herself and her heirs from the lord earl and his heirs by the services owed and customs without any retention of the said Ralph or his heirs and the said Muriel came and gave to the lord earl 10d altogether for having the messuage thereof to herself and hers making thereof the services and it was granted and seised to her upon this form that the aforesaid Muriel granted remitted gave and quitclaimed to the said lord earl and his heirs the homage and service of the aforesaid Ralph for all the tenement which Muriel herself sold and granted to the said Ralph and which descended to her by reason of inheritance after the death of Goscelin her father with all its appurtenances without any retention returning thereof to the lord earl and his heirs per annum the services thereof owed 7s8d and the said earl confirmed that tenement to the said Ralph whereof the aforesaid services to be paid at the four terms in equal portions of 23d and a scutage 1h at most and least 2d1h and for boon ploughing and reaping in autumn as the services and other feudal aids made to the said earl as for other free tenements in the same said village to the said earl and upon this form it was warranted etc for 6s8d which was given to him and the same said Ralph illegible text and gave to the said Muriel for the aforesaid land 4marks with the aforesaid house whereof he should pay to the said Muriel or her assigns at pentecost 10s and at gula augusti 1 .8. 20s as pledged etc therefore it was presented to distrain the tenant of the said lands and tenement against the next to satisfy the lord of the aforesaid services and to make homage ot the lord and fealty etc