Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

22.5.1442 (Tuesday 22 May 1442)

document 57400455

sworn statement concerning rents the jury present that Edm Goldyng unjustly kept from Jn Soneld 4s9d annual rent issuing from certain lands called Godsones as the proportion of the rent of the aforesaid Jn Soneld it is a half holding with the lord of this manor and the aforesaid Edm is tenant of the aforesaid lands and they say that the aforesaid Soneld was seised thereof by the hands of Jn Godson true tenant of the aforesaid land viz at the time of the aforesaid seizure in the time of the now king and that how many of his predecessors took according to custom the aforesaid rent is from a time that is not within memory therefore it is presented the distrain the aforesaid Edm for the arrears of the aforesaid rent and to levy them to the use of the said Jn Soneld