Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr68)

30.10.1449 (Thursday 30 October 1449)

document 57500144

fine 20d Thos Mordon who had estate together with Jn Mille and Andrew Dey now dead being present in the court surrendered to the lord one tenement with two crofts of land whereof one is called Litle Berecroft and the other Tilersfield and the same Thos surrendered to the lord one cottage parcel of a capital tenement called Mordens lying over against the pillory on the west side of the capital tenement aforesaid and also the said Thos surrendered to the lord one tenement parcel of Mordens Tenement situate over against the pillory which tenement and cottage with appurtenances he lately had in divers courts as in the same by their copies in the court here shown more plainly is declared severally of the surrender of Roger Mordon and Margt Kebill that the lord might therewith do his pleasure and after the lord having seisin thereof by his steward regranted the said tenements with two crofts of land and appurtenances to the said Thos Mordon and to Ralph Audeley Jn Asheford Geof Tiler and Jn Smythe of Colne to have to the same Thos Ralph Jn Geof and Jn their heirs and assigns by the rod to the will of the lord by the services due and accustomed saving the right of everyone and they gave the lord for fine for entry thereon to be had and made fealty