Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr68)

30.10.1449 (Thursday 30 October 1449)

document 57500213

fine 12d Jn Grove lying very sick out of court surrendered to the lord by the hands of Wm Gardiner bailiff there in the presence of Wm Hawke Wm Boome and other tenants witnessing one messuage and 10a of customary land sometime Jn Gould's and after Rich Redinge's which is discharged of 16d for the duties and customs of the messuage and land aforesaid sometime issuing for the keeping of the gate of Gooldsgate and for making of the enclosure of the hedges of the park for which keeping he ought to have and all the tenants of the said messuage hitherto were wont to have the pasture for two gross beasts there to be pastured according to the form and grant of a certain enrolment thereof made to the said Rich Reding as in the court there holden on the morrow after st hilary 14.1.26Edw3 more plainly appears to the use of Joan late the wife of Jn Grove to whom there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to the same Joan for the term of her life by the services abovesaid and that after the death of the same Joan the same Jn Grove will and granteth that the said messuage and land aforesaid with their appurtenances remain to Joan daughter of Margt the daughter of the said Jn Grove now married to Wm Glover at length to the same Joan her heirs and assigns by the services abovesaid and if it appears that the said Joan the daughter of Margt to die without heirs of her body then the said messuage and land shall revert to Wm Boome and Wm Glover the executors of the said Jn Grove and their attorneys to be sold and the money taken for the same to be distributed in works of charity for the souls of the said Jn Grove and Joan and their parents for be better commodities of the souls aforesaid to whom the lord by his steward hath granted seisin as well to the said Joan for life as to the foresaid Joan and her heirs etc and the executors before named to hold to them in the form aforesaid by the service abovesaid and they give the lord for fine for their entry to be had and made fealty to the lord