Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

23.5.1458 (Tuesday 23 May 1458)

document 58300260

fine 5s it was shown at this court by the homage that a certain Kath late wife of Jn Soneld in her pure widowhood Wm Bome and Jn Hauk out of court surrendered into the hands of the lord a certain reversion of one tenement in the aforesaid Colne with its appurtenances sometime called Gentryes and afterwards of Jn Soneld to the use of Osbert Schepherd and Xian his wife and Wm Bome junior to whom there is seisin freely thereof to have and to hold to the aforesaid Osbert Xian and Wm their heirs and assigns by the rod at the will of the lord etc upon the following condition that if the said Osbert Xian and Wm should pay or cause to be paid of any of them should pay to the aforesaid Kath or her attorney 5li10s of usual money of England viz at the feast of easter michaelmas.next following after the date of this court 10s and at the feast of easter then next following 10s and thus always to be paid at the aforesaid two feasts 20s in equal portions until the sum of 5li10s should be fully paid and if there should be default in any of the aforesaid payments after any of the terms thus above mentioned in the payments that then truly it should be allowed to the aforesaid Kath etc her attorneys to reenter into the aforesaid reversion and tenement and to retain it in the former estate the aforesaid surrender and seisin upon this freely delivered notwithstanding etc saving the right etc and they gave for a fine etc and made fealty