Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr69)

2.4.1472 (Thursday 2 April 1472)

document 59300538

fine 12d whereas to this same court came Thos Moordon and urgently sought to have licence from the lord's steward by virtue of his court to reenter into one capital messuage with two shops annexed to the same said messuage and pertaining with all their appurtenances because Jn Kene made default of payment to him of a payment of 20marks for the said messuage sold to him as is clearly apparent by the records in a court with view on the tuesday in pentecost week 27.5.6Edw4 as it is testified there both by the homage and by the showing of the court roll because the aforesaid Jn Kene has not kept the day of payment agreed between the said Thos Moordon and Jn Kene made and set down and expressed which is shown now both by the copy of Thos himself and by the homage of this court therefore licence is granted by the court to the said Thos Moordon to reenter into the aforesaid capital messuage with shops adjoining with appurtenances as in his former estate to have to hold and to enjoy according to the first surrender thereof made to the said Jn Kene and other things notwithstanding should be void and have no force to have and to hold the aforesaid capital messuage with shops and appurtenances to the said Thos Moordon from Wm Kyrwyn