Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr70)

24.5.1496 (Tuesday 24 May 1496)

document 59600677

Jn Lingwood sueth Wm Cocke in a plea of debt of 19d1h and pledges for to prosecute the bailiff and whereupon the said plaintiff in his proper person saith that in 3.5.10Hen7 he granted and demised to the said defendant one croft of land called Chevincroft etc to have to the same defendant from 3.5.10Hen7 even until the said feast then next following (sic) etc yielding therefore to the said plaintiff for the farm of the said croft 3s1d1h etc and the said plaintiff acknowledgeth himself satisfied of 18d parcel of the sum aforesaid and the said defendant although being often demanded 19d1h the residue of the sum aforesaid hath not yielded it to the said plaintiff etc but etc to the damage of 12d and thereupon he uttereth his suit and the said defendant came and defended etc and saith that he oweth not to the said plaintiff the said 19d1h nor any penny and hereupon he putteth himself into the homage etc and the said plaintiff likewise etc therefore etc