Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr70)

25.5.1507 (Tuesday 25 May 1507)

document 60300616

whereas at the last court it was peremptorily given in charge in the lord's court to one Robt Turnebull that he should be here at this court to show his copies of he hath any of certain lands and tenements customary with the appurtenances called Burweys and Stoneleys lying in Colne aforesaid on pain of seizure yet the foresaid Robt Turnebull being put in the court gave not up nor showed any copies touching the premises as in charge at the last court and therefore charge given to the bailiff to seize into the lord's hands the foresaid lands and tenements called Burrowes and Stoneleighs with the appurtenances and to answer the lord the officers thereof which they are worth by year beside the rent